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Chapter 1 Install Software and Licensing Dongle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  Installation is simple just plug and play. The Software is come with License Dongle which user can create a new company or reinstall the program without any troubles' require, validation and time cost consuming.    
Chapter 2 Setup Wizard ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  The setup wizard help and guide user how to setup new company. User can select type of business, organize batch and account code format. It make setup easily.    
Chapter 3 Add New GL Account Number ------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  The setup wizard is auto generate a set of Chart of Account but user can add or edit the set of Chart of Account when needed. User also can key in the set of her own chart of account without setup wizard auto generate.    
Chapter 4 Add New Debtor Number ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  Enter new customer particulars or edit is in same form. The customer's credit term and credit limit is importance to enter as if over credit, message prompt out. The range of debtor code number is setting under Housekeeping, system setup. User must enter the debtor number within the range.    
  Opening Debtor Distribute Last Year Aging ------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
    Enter Past Year Opening Bills    
Chapter 5 Add New Creditor Number ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  The range of creditor code number is setting under Housekeeping, system setup. User must enter the creditor number within the range.    
Chapter 6 Organize Batch --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  User can add, edit even insert new batch. The batch can setup with control and guide user like default master account, batch belong to which month, bill type and authorized user access while entering transaction. This is to make sure user is doing wrong entry in wrong batch.    
Chapter 7 Transaction    
  A Invoice Entry ----------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
B Supplier Invoice Entry -------------------------------------------------------------------   View
C Paid Expenses Entry --------------------------------------------------------------------   View
D Payment to Supplier Entry --------------------------------------------------------------   View
E Receive payment from customer in PDC -------------------------------------------------   View
F Credit Note to customer entry ----------------------------------------------------------   View
G Receive Credit Note from Supplier entry -------------------------------------------------   View
H Return Cheque entry --------------------------------------------------------------------   View
Chapter 8 Foreign Currency gain and Loss ----------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  The system can handle foreign currency entry and it will automatic pass GJ for currency gain and loss. Very time consumption and high chances to make mistake if key in manually.    
Chapter 9 Check Account Balance -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  user can check the batch and account whether balance just a finger tip.    
Chapter 10 Bank Reconciliation -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  Able to mark foreign currency bank account transaction and produce bank reconciliation in foreign currency. Remark the bank transaction with just a tip of mouse and immediately bank reconciliation report is produced accordingly.    
Chapter 11 Change Account Code --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  Account number can be change even with transaction    
Chapter 12 Project Account or Department Account --------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  This function can be used for Project Account. Department Account, Transportation with list of vehicles and Van sales.    
Chapter 13 Diagnosis --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  System able to check the data and repair the data base by itself and thing save.    
Chapter 14 Password --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  If user can access this function, user can only view access level with lower or same with her.    
Chapter 15 Security ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  Why need strong security function? Security function should able to assign within employee job function and protect confidential information.    
Chapter 16 Backup Data ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  Data can be backup to Harddisk, Diskette and CD. It is not recommend to backup to diskette because it damage easily.    
Chapter 17 Create New Company --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View
  The version you brought is multi company. Access code is not needed while create new company.    
Chapter 18 Year End --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   View